­­­Inspirational book helps create special moments and sweet memories between parent and baby during their hospital stay

Melissa Kirsch announces the release of ‘Hello, Little Love! A letter from a parent to their baby in the NICU’

AKRON, Ohio – “My husband and I had twin daughters born at 25 weeks. We spent a total of 198 days in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit. During that NICU stay, I did a lot of journaling to help process the journey. One day, I wrote a letter to my girls and that is how this book was born. I decided to share this in book form in hopes that it will help other parents bond with their babies in the NICU,” Melissa Kirsch states.

“Hello, Little Love! A letter from a parent to their baby in the NICU” (published by WestBow Press) is an inspirational book written from a NICU parent’s perspective. As parents read this book to their baby, it will create a special opportunity for both parent and baby to bond during their NICU stay. A child’s most important connections are not merely to the various monitors found within the NICU, but to their parents. This book will help parents see beyond the overwhelming medical necessities of the NICU and instead see their beautiful baby.

“This is a very intentional children’s book, for the reader and the listener. It is intended to help parents shift their focus from their baby’s overwhelming medical problems, to their sweet child’s life. The listener (baby) will benefit from hearing their parent’s voice. Together, this creates a beautiful bond between parent and baby. This book will also serve as a sweet memento to hold on to for years to come,” Kirsch says.

When asked what she wants readers to take away from the book, Kirsch answers, “I pray this book will help to create a moment where parents can escape all the complexities of the situation to feel only the overwhelming love between them and their baby. I hope that they will find a moment like this in each and every day they spend together. Once they find a way to see beyond the medical aspects and focus on the love, they will find a strength they didn’t know they had. Even if they feel broken, tired, and weak during those times, they will find grace to make it yet another day.”